Electric trikes reviews – 5 Best for 2019

electric trikes

The latest electric trikes are battery-powered gadgets is an Add on in the rise sharing the world. The combination of the bike and a scooter has an impact. The three-wheeler, the battery-powered trike can accommodate two persons, has a top speed of 25 mph and a range of 40 miles per charge. The electric trike is also known as an electric tricycle. The name varies with its trend. Without any hassle and strain, you can enjoy the feeling of a bicycle.

For senior citizens and adults, it’s an easy option for propagation. Electric trikes for adults are a solution that keeps things smooth. For riding a bicycle, you need healthy knees, the electric tricycle for adults facility them to travel without hurting their knee. Apart from this, if you want to get a move and devote more time in outdoor activities without damaging yourself, electric trikes are the best option for you.

Check out to 5 best electric trikes reviews:

1. Razor PowerRider 360 Electric Tricycle

3-wheeler Razor PowerRider 360 is a perfect design. Chain-driven motor with the push-button regulator, front, hand functioned braking system, magnified front wheel and folding foot dowels for easy accessibility. This is the number one best electric trikes in our list.


  • It has 9 miles per hour maximum speed
  • Weight is 120 lbs.
  • The battery is 12V lead-acid, requires 12 hours of recharging hours
  • 30 minutes of continuous going
  • It contains Chain-driven motor
  • Hi-impact pneumatic front wheel
  • Dual and rear inclined casters
  • Hand operating brake system
  • Rubber grips on handles
  • Folding foot dowels
  • Push-button start

This three-wheeler from makers of Razor scooter is a lower-cost and great option for an electric tricycle for kids. It is designed for a smaller and lighter person, age of 8 under 120 lbs. for a short time period of 30 minutes. You can take your tricycle out for full 360-degree spins, drifts, and slides.

Pros of buying this

  • Push to Start Option
  • Running time is 30 to 40 minutes continuous
  • Special specifications on spinning, sliding and drifting
  • The frame is lightweight
  • The perfect ride for kids and lighter adults
  • Have front hand-operated brake system, hi-impact inflated front wheel

2. Razor DXT Electric Drift Trike

If you are looking for small three-wheeler electric trike which is easy and portable to adjust, the DXT electric drift trike by Razor is perfect for you. It is foldable which decrease it in size which makes it ideal for traveling and leisure trips as it can be fit in a truck and ready to be travel with you. Razor DXT is the number two best electric trikes in our list.

It is a lightweight, about 250W brushless motor which is design simple and portable. This a perfect ride for the kids. As it meets all domestic FAA regulations, it can be used as a handicap assistance vehicle or even a travel companion for flights or road trips.


  • Handlebars are of moto style
  • Clamps are a double alloy
  • Pro-style soft rubber grips
  • The front wheel is of 20 inches pneumatic tires having aluminum rim and pedals are BMX style platform
  • The front brake is alloy V
  • Rear wheels are 10 inches in diameter by 4-inch-wide kart style, blow-molded POM with a slick surface
  • It also has a bucket style seat which is adjustable
  • Also, it includes tow hook attachment, grip tape on the rear axle

Razor DXT trike is optimized for drifting purpose, featuring a simplistic design. It has a very lightweight frame. The side-bolsters are designed to hold you in place while drifting. The 20 inches pneumatic wheels act as speed accelerators and as a footrest as well. The rear wheel is small, 10 inches wide which allows gathering momentum when freewheeling straight and curvy slopes.

Pros of buying this

  • Can be fit in the trunk to take it with you exile traveling
  • Meet all FAA requirements for lithium-ion batteries which makes it travel-friendly
  • It is light in weight
  • It is foldable
  • Powerful motor; can take a lot of weight in relation to size.

3. MotoTec Electric Trike 48V 500W

Conceited a big front wheel and two smaller rear wheels, the MotoTec Electric Trike 48V 500W looks like a Segway. It is unique in its style as the large well-made footstep on its lower area of the frame which allows you to ride this trike while standing or seated. This MotoTec Electric Trike is the number three best electric trikes in this article.

The unique design makes it convenient for you to use it at your events, warehouse floor or security operations, or just for fun.


  • The motor of this trike is 500-watt, brushless hub
  • Batteries are four 12V 12AH
  • Maximum weight is of 240 Lbs.
  • Range of battery: 22 miles
  • Battery Life: 300 charges
  • Top Speed: Maximum 22 MPH
  • Recharge Hours: 4 to 8 hours
  • Seat: wide saddle
  • Wheel width: 16 inches front, 9 inches rear
  • Ground clearance: 2 inches

The MotoTec electric trike aka personal transporter can achieve 20 plus mile range on a full charge. It is easy to operate. It comes with standard key, battery meter light, carrying basket and front LED headlight. The recommended age to use this trike is 12; max weight capacity is 240 lbs.

4. E-Wheels EW-19 Sporty – 3 – wheel – red

To get the comfort of the office chair on an electric trike, E-Wheels EW- 19 Sporty models got you covered. As it is already assembled, just charge its battery and you are good to go. You can go 21 miles after a full recharge. The large ergonomic seat keeps the rider at ease. The trick has a foldable wheel and removable seat which help in easy transportation. This EW-19 is the another best electric trikes in our selection.


  • No need to assemble
  • Slender in shape but durable
  • Removable seat and foldable handle for transport and easy storage
  • The trike has a storage area at the back
  • Large comfortable seat with lower back support

5. TopMate ES31 Electric Scooter Mini Foldable Tricycle

TopMate ES31 is the number five electric trikes in this article. It is a trike for adults. The electric tricycle is the small portable and easy to store three-wheel electric bicycle. The first gear speeds up to 20km/h; second to 12km/h and third gear speed is up to 6 km/h.


  • Three gear speed
  • Portable design
  • Multiple shock absorber
  • Good carrying capacity
  • Lithium battery with built-in charger
  • Anti-vibrator tires

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