5 Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

best recumbent exercise bike

Recumbent bikes are used in gyms and houses for exercise purpose. You can either do workout routines or a solid workout exercise. Having your own best recumbent exercise bike at home will keep you motivated for daily workout routines. Using this recumbent bike for exercise will give you a lot more strong muscles. Take the health and fitness to the next level, by investing in the best recumbent exercise bike and find comfort within the confines of your home. The best part is while doing cardio exercising, you can entertain yourself by putting some music on or watching.

How does the best recumbent exercise bike works?

A recumbent bike is actually a stationary cycle which consists of a back-rest, a seat and you have to paddle with your legs in front. Having user-friendly systems, back-friendly, and functional design, this recumbent bike is good for exercises. This indoor cycle consists of a flywheel, on which magnetic resistance is applied. While riding on this bike you will feel as if you are cycling on an open road. Whatever speed you may try, faster or slower, it will help you reduce fats on your thighs, calves, and glutes. Moreover, this will also give you abdominal effects. You can always program your workouts in this recumbent bike for exercise. May I add, you will start to lose weight, gradually.

What Is A Recumbent Bike?

Recumbent bike for exercise is actually for indoor type exercise, you only have to sit down, sit back to lower the fat of your upper body. It is a stationary bike and makes you concentrate on your legs workout in a most compatible and safe way. This recumbent bike is good for exercise for those people who have upper and lower body weight to lose and in the confines of their home.

As compared to other gym equipment for weight loss, this recumbent bike is best as it is low in impact and has a comfortable design. To avoid back pain, and often leaning forward during exercises which happens in most of the indoor cycles, this is the best recumbent exercise bike. The hard-hitting action that you have to face while running on a treadmill, won’t be a problem while using this bike. It is simple yet flourished way to cycle, but giving a rest to your back, making it certainly more comfortable for you.

Why will you choose Recumbent Exercise Bike?

The recumbent bike category gives you a lot of new and comforting features and models as well as affordable prices, which are hard not to consider. While searching for the best recumbent exercise bike you will be able to find the one which suits your fitness goals and budget, with the guaranty. To help you find the best recumbent exercise bike, here are some best features listed for you.

Data Tracking

The latest models of recumbent exercise bikes provide you with a display computer screen which shows you helpful information regarding your physical fitness progress. It helps you keep track of the data, calories, distance and time of your workout and encourages to set higher goals for your fitness. Some models have also the ability to switch between users.

Resistance Adjustment and Pre-Programmed Workouts

Resistance is a game on the recumbent exercise bike. You can easily tune-in resistance to any level you want to get a challenging yet achievable goal for your fitness so that you come back for higher goals. Some of the recumbent exercise bikes give you the ability to set pre-programmed workouts and a heart-monitor is installed in it to give you a cardio exercise as well. You will love the workouts and keep coming back for more.

Downloadable Data

To keep the running record of your fitness, some models of recumbent bikes provide you with the facility of downloading the information regarding your exercise on apps such as MyFitnessPal.

Speakers and Fans

Some recumbent exercise bikes feature fans to cool you off while you work-out. Along with that, it provides you with speakers and USB ports to listen to your own music with you and enjoy.


Heavy flywheels are installed in the bike to give you a more realistic feeling of cycling on an open road. It further enhances your feeling on a bike in a smooth and quiet way.

Adjustable Seat positon

You will always want a bike which can fit your requirements. This best recumbent exercise bike helps you adjust the seat fore and after.


The manufacturer provides you with a warranty for certain years. The quality of equipment makes it more compatible.

Weight Capacity

Most of the bikes accommodate the weight of 113kg (250 lbs).

Pros & Cons of Folding Exercise Bike

When compared to a traditional exercise bike, folding recumbent exercise bike has benefits and some pitfalls as well.

On a positive note, Best Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike is unbeatable when it comes to saving space. When the bike is not in use it is easy to fold it up and stow it in a safe corner. Some of the models of folding recumbent exercise bike are even that small, that it can fit in under the bed and in the closet. This is a great feature for everyone who is don’t have much space and needs to wok-out in the confines of home. They are also easier to assemble and transport, plus they are not so expensive and are affordable than most of its counterparts.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of drawbacks while opting for a folding recumbent exercise bike. It is a little less stable and won’t give you the feeling of security as that of other bikes. There are several concessions made into this design of the recumbent bike. It is lightweight, less stable than the usual stationary bikes. It lacks the high-end features. They have small screens on it which makes it a bad choice for serious riders and cyclists.

Though there are more benefits to it as well. It provides you comfort on the confines of your life. It occupies less space. You can watch TV and listen to music as well. These features make it a best folding recumbent exercise bike.

Lets review 5 Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

Nautilus R614

Nowadays, there are so many best recumbent exercise bikes that you can buy in fitness stores. Well, it makes you confused to select the right one. Anyway, you can choose the Nautilus R614 that can support your exercise activity at home. This exercise bike is very special and modern just like many other exercise bikes in 2020. Let us get started with Nautilus R614 review to find more about the product including the pros and cons.

Product Details

The Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike becomes a good choice if you look for an affordable exercise bike with complete features. R614 is not the only exercise bike that is manufactured by Nautilus because it also has a big brother of Nautilus R616 at a more expensive price. You can choose the R614 for home use where it has seven less programmed workouts and five fewer resistance levels. Unfortunately, you will not get a heart rate chest strap ability. In a simple word, you can get an ordinary recumbent exercise bike that has better pricing.

You should not doubt it because Nautilus R614 belongs to the best recumbent exercise bike that comes with a lot of features too. The features allow you to connect with the outside world. You can enjoy exercising with this bike while having some fun. Anyway, it is a fun way to work out, especially if you want to lose weight with comfort. For the details, you can consider these following features of the Nautilus R614:

  • It supports a maximum weight of users up to 300 lbs
  • It comes with transport wheels so you can easily move the device easily
  • It is also completed with water batter just like many other exercise bikes
  • It has a cooling fan with 3-speed options
  • It also comes with a tablet holder so you can get some entertainment using your smartphones
  • It supports USB data to transfer workout functionality that is connected to Nautilus Connect as well as MyFitnessPal
  • It has built in-console speakers with MP3 player port or iPod port
  • It is designed with a comfortable handlebar grip along with heart rate monitoring
  • It comes with a high inertia drive system with high-speed support and perimeter weighted flywheel for a consistent and smooth exercise
  • It is supported with 22 workout programs
  • It has 20 resistance levels for workout intensity and a wide range

In addition to those general exercise bike features, you will also get some computer features that include:

  • 8 heart rate programs with custom settings
  • It supports USB connectivity to download workout program
  • It has a screen with two blue backlit LCD
  • It supports 9 profile programs that include 3 challenge, 3 mountain rides, and 3 fun rides
  • It supports 2 fitness test program to measure the improvement of users physical fitness
  • It comes with workout data like time, speed, level, distance, heart rate, revolution per minute, and calories.


Not to mention, if you want to buy the Nautilus R614, it is very important to know the advantages or the pros of having this exercise bike. Well, there are a few things that make people love this exercise bike, among others:

  • It supports goal track function, heart rate monitoring, and many other workout functions
  • It has perimeter weighted flywheel
  • It has 22 pre-set workout programs
  • It has vented backrest and seat
  • It is supported with Eddy current brake system
  • It comes with elegant media rack
  • It has pedals that have straps

It is completed with a USB charging port and water bottle holder


Meanwhile, there are also a few things that do not like it. Here are some of the cons of Nautilus R614:

  • It is completed with a high-resolution display
  • It is not completed with Bluetooth connectivity
  • The construction is quite tall and heavy

NordicTrack VR21

Do you want to exercise without leaving the house? You can buy an exercise bike that can help you exercise without leaving home. You can still cook in the kitchen sambal, exercising with an exercise bike. You can buy the Best Recumbent Exercise Bike to support your workout activity. This time, I will review a quite popular exercise bike product, that is called NordicTrack VR21.

Product Details

If you want to have an exercise bike at home with a modern and stylish style, NordicTrack VR21 might be the right choice for you. This is a product from NordicTrack that is quite good and of good quality. This also includes new products recently released. This guarantees comfort when you exercise as if you are riding a bike.

We can see this product from all sides that look attractive. First, you can see the seat section which is designed with a high backed seat that is very comfortable even if you use it for a long duration. This exercise bike is the entry level model that is not used for commercial use, but for home use only.

If we compare it with other exercise bikes, Nordic Track VR21 might be a little more expensive because this product was designed for millennials. As already stated, NordicTrack VR21 has a modern design because it is equipped with a screen on the dashboard to control functions. It uses a digital system that looks so luxurious and futuristic. So you can exercise on this exercise bike while watching movies or listening to music by putting your tablet on the holder.

What is another cool thing on this Nordic Track VR21? If we look at a glance, this best Recumbent Exercise Bike is not solid and heavy. But, you will be surprised if you know that this exercise bike is quite lightweight. You can move this exercise bike easily by lifting the back. Although this is not a portable exercise bike, you can use it at home and move it from one room to another.

Another interesting thing for you to know is that this exercise bike has a smooth resistance system at a price that is quite expensive. It is equipped with several features such as 25 levels of digital resistance that are starting from 20 lb. This is the right choice if you want to try a new way to exercise but it remains fun. In general, this product is quite satisfying and looks so perfect. However, the Nordic Track VR21 is not the only Best Recumbent Exercise Bike you can buy.


Before you buy NordicTrack VR21, it is better that you find out the pros of this exercise bike and why you should have it. Here are the advantages of NordicTrack VR21:

  • It is designed with ventilated seat with lumbar support that is really comfortable as if you are sitting on an office chair. It also has high back and you can adjust the fore and aft in order to fit the users.
  • It is designed with recumbent frame that allows less stress on your back as well as it supports lower body. Y
  • It supports 32 workout apps so you can get a pro exercise at any time you want that include calorie burn, endurance, performance, and much more.
  • It has a tablet holder and water bottle holder
  • It supports iFit coach ready
  • It has extra wide pedals
  • It is completed with 25 resistance levels
  • It is equipped with heart rate monitoring
  • Self-adjusting fan
  • And much more


What are the disadvantages of using this Nordictrack VR21? Well, here are a few cons of the NordictTrack VR21.

  • Users need to maintain the exercise bike regularly because it belongs to a residential bike
  • It has bad customer service and you may get some issues if the exercise bike is not working properly.

Schwinn 230

Do you want to lose weight? Some people are confused about how to get the ideal body. They exercise every day but they get no results at all. Maybe, you need a special tool that can help you lose weight. In this case, we recommend you to buy a recumbent bike. You can get the best recumbent exercise bike in fitness stores. Perhaps, you can choose Schwinn 230. How does this exercise bike look like? Let us check the full review below.

Product Details

The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike is a mid-range and excellent exercise bike that comes with some features that you really want. It is a really way to lose weight. Many people buy this exercise bike because it offers ergonomic design. Basically, it looks similar to other exercise bikes, but it has a slim body compared to the higher Schwinn 270.

If you look at it in terms of design, you won’t find anything different or unique. But, it is not a big problem because all lies in the features and comfort provided. As the best recumbent exercise bike in 2020, the manufacturer provides a variety of features such as 22 workout programs and 20 levels of resistance. It is lower than the Schwinn 270, but it is still a good choice.

If we compare it to the 270, the 230 may be less attractive because it has no Bluetooth connectivity. Also, it is missing the ability to utilize the heart rate chest strap monitor. In general, the Schwinn 230 is almost similar to the higher model that also supports Schwinn connect and mobile device connectivity, but no Bluetooth function. Still, the Schwinn 230 wins the price if you want to save up to $200 compared to the higher model.

For the details, you probably can check the following features:

  • It supports maximum ride weight up to 300 lbs
  • It is completed with a transport wheel to move the device easily
  • It has a bottle holder to make sure users have enough water during exercise
  • It is equipped with a fan with three-speed options to cool down the atmosphere
  • It has a medial shelf or tablet holder to enjoy entertainment
  • It supports USB data transfer to Schwinn connect
  • It has built-in speakers with audio port
  • It has comfortable handlebar grips with heart rate monitoring functionality
  • For the consistent and smooth workout, it is equipped with a high inertia drive system
  • It provides 22 workout programs and 22 levels of Eddy current brake for workout intensity

Moreover, this modern exercise bike is also completed with some computer features that include:

  • USB connectivity support for workout data downloading
  • 2 LCD window system of Dual Track
  • It provides 9 profile programs including 3 challenges, 3 mountain rides, ad 3 fun rides
  • It comes with four customizable heart rate programs
  • It has two fitness test programs
  • It supports 2 user profiles to store workout data and personal info
  • It supports quick start
  • It provides various workout data like interval time, time, revolution per minute, distance, watts, speed, pulse, resistance level, and calories burned.


Still, before you buy Schwinn 230, it is important to know why people like this product. Here are some pros of Schwinn 230:

  • Schwinn 230 is designed with smooth pedaling
  • It has 20 resistance levels
  • It comes with digitally controlled resistance
  • The seatback is comfortable with ventilation
  • Users can adjust the seat easily
  • The body of the bike is compact
  • It supports two user profiles
  • Users can easily use the workout program based on the computer
  • It provides 20 preset workout programs
  • It supports USB charging port and mobile device ledge
  • It comes with 2 fitness test
  • It supports MP3 player port and sound system
  • There is a bottle holder and tablet holder available
  • It is equipped with a 3-speed cooling fan.


Meanwhile, there are a few drawbacks of Schwinn 230 that make you feel disappointed with the products, such as:

  • It has no Bluetooth connectivity
  • Users cannot adjust the height of the control panel
  • Inaccurate calorie-burning estimate according to some users
  • It has wobbly seat and it is not cushioned

Schwinn 270

Are you looking for the best Recumbent Exercise Bike? Well, there are so many recumbent bikes that are available for sale. But, it makes you confused to choose the right one due to many options. So, what is the best choice? Anyway, if you really want to exercise at home with a great sports device, it seems that you must choose Schwinn 270. This exercise bike is suitable for home use that has a modern design. Let us check the Schwinn 270 review for your information.

Product Details

At first glance, this recumbent exercise bike looks like other exercise bikes with an original design. It is equipped with adjustable seating, pedals, monitors, and handles. If you want a design that is different from other products, maybe the Schwinn 270 is not the right choice because it looks normal. What can we see from this product?

Of course, we will see the features available in which it supports your exercise. Let’s look at the assembled dimension. This recumbent exercise bike is quite compact with 50 inches high, 27.7 inches wide. Meanwhile, the width reaches 64 inches and weighs around 87 lbs. It’s quite lightweight compared to other exercise bikes products that you might find in the fitness area.

Then, we can see the features offered. Some interesting features that can support your exercise activities include:

  • It comes with 29 workout programs
  • It has 25 levels of resistance for workout intensity or for a wide range
  • It comes with heart rate monitoring on handlebar grips.
  • It is completed with telemetry enabled for chest strap capability
  • It has high speed, high inertia drive system that is combined with perimeter weighted flywheel for a consistent and smooth workout
  • It supports maximum riders weight up to 300 lbs
  • It is designed with cool transport wheels for easy mobility
  • It is also completed with water bottle holder
  • It comes with the 3-speed cooling fan
  • It has a tablet shelf for entertainment devices
  • USB data transfer and Bluetooth functionality to Schwinn Connect™ or MyFitnessPal
  • It is designed with in-console speakers for MP3 player input or iPod

Also, as the best Recumbent Exercise Bike, this product is also equipped with computer features. This feature supports users to do exercise with easy navigations and display. Some of the computer features provided are:

  • 9 heart rate programs with custom settings
  • 12 profile programs such as 4 mountain rides, 4 fun rides, and 4 challenges.
  • USB and Bluetooth connectivity to Nautilus® Connect and MyFitnessPal for downloading workout data
  • DualTrack™ two blue backlit LCD window system
  • One recovery test program to measure heart rate recovers
  • It provides 4 user profiles for data personal storage
  • It supports fast start function
  • Some workout data availability like time, speed, level, distance, heart rate, revolution per minute, resistance, and calories.


Before you buy the Schwinn 270, you also have to consider what makes you love it or the pros of the product. What are the pros of Schwinn 270? Some of the pros are among others:

  • Smooth pedaling
  • Transport wheels
  • Compact machine size
  • Low sale price
  • Cushioned seat bottom
  • Ventilated seatback
  • Digitally controlled magnetic resistance
  • Four user profiles
  • 29 preset workout programs and fitness tests
  • Easy-to-use workout computer
  • Adjustable seat position
  • RideSocial compatibility
  • Bluetooth data export
  • Wireless heart rate receiver
  • Three-speed cooling fan
  • MP3 player port and sound system
  • Mobile device shelf and USB charging port


Meanwhile, there are a few things that make you feel disappointed with the products, such as:

  • Calorie burn estimate is not accurate according to some riders
  • Users cannot adjust the height of the control panel
  • It may be too small for a user with 6 feet tall
  • Unreliable grip pulse reader

Sole Fitness R92T

Sole Fitness R92T Recumbent Bike is a comfortable, high end, and durable exercise device that you can use for daily exercise at home. It will always stand up while you keep stress off your joints. This exercise bike is quite heavy that reaches up to 300 lb weight. However, the frame is very powerful and it is the best Recumbent Exercise Bike that is manufactured by SOLE Fitness. Let us check the full review of the SOLE Fitness R92T.

Product Details

As one of the best recumbent exercise bike that is specifically designed for home use, this device is coming with ergonomic pedals. Also, you can adjust the seat to make it more comfortable according to your wishes. Moreover, this exercise bike is compatible with various users. It is undeniable that this exercise bike is the most favorite choice for many people because it is equipped with many features including 10 program console, heart rate monitoring, and much more. It is also completed with some general features like a built-in fan and bottle holder. For an entertainment system, it comes with a plugin Mp3 player or iPod. Here are the complete features of the SOLE Fitness R92T:

  • It has 12 positions of adjustable seat
  • 10 challenging programs
  • It is completed with large 9 inches’ blue backlit console
  • It has 20 levels of ECB resistance for smooth and quiet transition
  • It is designed with a heavy steel tubing frame with an aluminum shroud.
  • The material used is very durable and make it indestructible
  • It has an ergonomic pedal design
  • It is completed with a built-in cooling fan
  • It can support maximum user weight up to 300 lbs
  • It has transport wheels that support users for easy mobility

In addition to those general features, as the best Recumbent Bike, the SOLE Fitness R92T also comes with modern computer features such as:

  • Fat burn
  • Hill
  • 5 pre-programmed workouts
  • 9” backlit LCD screen
  • Interval strength
  • Cardio
  • 2 user profiles
  • 2 hear rate programs
  • 1 user-defined program
  • Plugin for MP3 player and iPod
  • Built-in speaker
  • Workout data including speed, time, calories, distance traveled, resistance, and pulse.

Well, if we see the features offered, it is enough to support our fitness activity. Somehow, you also have to know whether the manufacturer provides a warranty for the product or not. Anyway, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the frame. Meanwhile, you will get 5 years warranty for the electronic part and 2 years for labor warranty.


Before you buy the SOLE Fitness R92T, you may want to know several pros and what makes people love this product. Some of the advantages of SOLE Fitness R92T are:

  • It has consistent specific resistance levels that allow you to get the same resistance level each time
  • It has built-in speakers, a fan, a headphone jack, and music input port
  • Users can reach the Buttons on the console easily
  • It is equipped with Ergonomic pedals with a 2-degree inward design for comfortable pedaling
  • LCD screen that is synced with the chest strap to display accurate HR metrics on the display
  • It has horizontal bars flank the seat and Vertical handlebars sit adjacent to the console to get the best position
  • You can use the tablet holder to put your smartphone and has an adjustable clip


You may see some pros of SOLE Fitness R92T, but you also have to be aware of the drawbacks. What are the cons of having this exercise bike? Here are the cons:

  • This exercise bike is quite heavy and it also has a larger footprint design
  • You get a large LCD screen, but it is not colorful.

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