Best Mountain Bike Under 300 Dollar

best mountain bike under 300

Mountain bike is a type of bike that you can ride in all terrains. It is also known as All Terrain Bike in which you can ride on the regular road, heavy terrain, and much more. Mountain bike was first found in 1970 and today this bike becomes one of the most popular bicycles in the world. Nowadays, there are so many bicycle brands that manufacture mountain bikes. You can even buy the best mountain bike under 300 from your favorite bike shop. You may also get Scott mountain bikes which are very popular in the US and Europa. If it is possible, you can buy some closeout mountain bikes for better prices. Anyway, let us find out all about mountain bikes and how to get one.

Types of Best Mountain Bike Under 300

Of course, when you want to purchase a mountain bike, it is not only about finding the bicycle shop, but you also need to know the types of mountain bikes. Well, there are so many kinds of mountain bikes available on the market. You can even buy a custom mountain bike that really looks futuristic and full of features. Here are some types of mountain bikes available for sale:

Types of Mountain Bike Based on Suspension Type

Mountain bikes come with different suspension type. You can choose your favorite mountain bike whether you prefer front suspension or back suspension.

  • Rigid

This kind of mountain bike is not equipped with suspension. As we know that suspension is a feature or a tool that allows reducing vibration effect when riding the bike. So, Rigid mountain bike has no suspension, so it still gives vibration while riding it. Usually, this bike is used for slow riding cross country low end.

  • Hardtail

This type of best mountain bike under 300 has a suspension that is built in on the front fork only. You can ride this bike to go through various terrains. The absence of back suspension can make you easy to speed up.

  • Softail

Another type of best mountain bike under 300 is a soft tail which has small suspension on the back. This soft tail mountain bike is built to give the comfort of full suspension bike and speed as you can find it on hardtail bike.

  • Full Suspension

The next best mountain bike under 300 is designed with full suspension on the front fork and the back part.  You can ride this full suspension bike comfortably because the back tire can move up and down to follow the terrain condition. This full suspension mountain bike is suitable for offroad terrain that has an uneven road.

Types of Mountain Bike Based on Style

You cannot only see some types of the best mountain bike under 300 based on suspension, but you can also see them based on the style. Bicycle manufacturers categorize their mountain bikes based on style or style of cycling so buyers can choose which mountain bike they may prefer.

  • Cross-Country (XC)

This type of Cross Country bike aka XC is the most common type for the best mountain bike under 300 because it is relatively versatile and has a fairly lightweight. These bikes are generally used for flat paved tracks to rough dirt tracks. XC bikes are designed to be efficient and easy to ride so they can travel fast enough to reach longer distances.

  • Trail

Another type of best mountain bike under 300 is a trail bike. Trail mountain bike is the development of a type of Cross Country. Trail bikes can still reach long distances but are more comfortable to control when used across rough roads with variations in slopes and derivatives. Compared to Cross Country types, Trail bikes are usually a little heavier and stronger, so they are more reliable for crossing rocky roads.

  • Enduro / All Mountain (AM)

If you want to get through heavier roads with full of bigger dirt mounds, speed up and down hills at high speed while jumping down or jumping up, you can use All Mountain (AM) or Enduro bikes as the best mountain bike under 300 . AM bikes are slightly heavier than Trail bikes, but are made to be more robust to withstand greater impact from more challenging tracks.

  • Downhill (DH)

As the name implies, Downhill (DH) is a type of best mountain bike under 300 which is built specifically to go down the hillside or mountain at high speed. Since the main priority is strength and durability, this type of DH bike is usually heavier than other types of bikes. To carry it up a hill or mountain, you cannot ride this bike, but you have to bring it with your car.

  • Free Ride (FR)

Free Ride (FR) bikes are similar to Downhill bicycles but are lighter and easier to maneuver. This bicycle is made to make a drop off and other extreme techniques.

  • Dirt Jump (DJ)

Dirt Jump type bikes is a kind of BMX mountain bike that has a bigger size. DJ bikes are designed to perform many acrobatic attractions and extreme jumps in the air. DJ bikes are not suitable for long trips. Even though you cannot ride it on a long trip, you can still buy this best mountain bike under 300 in the bicycle shop nearby.

Well, those are a few types of best mountain bike under 300 that you may choose and buy. Somehow, you really want to have this kind of bike, but you have no idea where to buy one. You can read the following tips on how to choose and buy the best mountain bike under 300 for you.

Tips for Buying and Choosing the Best Mountain Bike Under 300

There are so many aspects that you must consider before you buy a mountain bike. You do not want to get a bad mountain bike that is not suitable for your daily activity. So, you have to choose the correct mountain bike for you. Here are some tips to choose a mountain bike:

  • Choose the Bike Type

Buying the best mountain bike under 300 is very easy, but it is difficult to decide the type of mountain bike you want. In fact, you may prefer to make your own custom mountain bike, but it takes time to do it. Well, you can actually choose one of the types of mountain bikes as mentioned above. First of all, you need to decide whether you prefer front suspension or back suspension. Or you can even buy the full suspension mountain bike. After that, you can determine the mountain bike type based on style. If you prefer lightweight mountain bike, you can choose Cross Road type bike. If you want to ride the bike in any terrains, then you can choose Enduro or All Mountain Bike. Anyway, it is all your decision and you make your own selection.

  • Choose the Bike Brand

You only need to choose a type of mountain bike according to your wish, and then you certainly need to choose the bike brand. As we know that there are hundreds of bike manufacturers or brands available such as Scott, Specialized, Raleigh, Bianchi, Haro Bikes, Redline, and much more. Somehow, we would recommend you to choose Scott mountain bikes that have strong and good construction. Or you can also choose your own favorite brand. All bike brands have their own bike quality, but they may offer different prices.

  • Choose the Bicycle Shop

After you decide what kind of mountain bike you want to buy and what brand you choose, then it is time to choose the bike shop. Well, not all of the bike shop sells the best mountain bike under 300. So, it is important to find the bike shop which sells this bike at an affordable price. Anyway, it is your decision whether you want to buy a mountain bike from an online bike shop or you can also buy in a nearby bike shop. If you want to buy a cheap mountain bike, you can actually purchase it from an online bicycle shop. Moreover, you can also get a wide variety of bike types according to your wishes. Suppose you have some friends who have mountain bikes, you can ask them where to get one. Make sure that the bike is reputable and trustworthy enough, and certainly, they sell original bikes.

  • Check the Specifications

Checking the specifications of a bike you want to buy is crucial. There are so many things to know by checking the specification. First of all, you have to know the construction of the bike, what is made of, the material used, and whether it uses front or back suspension. The most important thing is to know the height of the bike and the body size. You must not choose a too high mountain bike or a too low bike. You can measure the bicycle inseam so that it fits your body height. Otherwise, you cannot ride the bike comfortably. Somehow, you can actually customize this bike just in case you want to modify it. This custom mountain bike can be a better option to get a bike as you expect.

  • Prepare Your Budget

After you decide the type of the best mountain bike under 300, choose the best bike shop, and check the specifications, then you now can prepare the budget. Budget is an important thing to prepare because you are about to buy a mountain bike. Somehow, you may want to buy a mountain bike under 300, but you must not bring 300 dollars only. So, you have to bring as much as $500 dollar because the price may change. Somehow, you may also think twice before buying a bike under 300 and prefer the more expensive one.

  • Never Buy Before Try

If you prefer to buy the best mountain bike under 300 from a nearby bike shop, then you must not buy before trying it. Trying the bike is very important to know whether the bike fits your body and is comfortable to ride. In this case, once you find the bike shop as you wish, you can ask the seller if you can try to ride it. You can try some mountain bikes and feel the differences. After that, you decide which mountain bike you prefer. Make sure you choose the correct bike and make sure that every components and function work correctly. You need to check the brake, tires, and suspension. After making the decision, you can immediately make the purchase.

  • Check the Product Warranty

As usual, when you buy something, you always want the best and flawless product. In this case, it always works when you buy a mountain bike. You may think that this is the best mountain bike under 300 which is suitable for you. How do you know that it has no troubles after buying it? So, it is necessary to consider the product warranty before making the purchase. Commonly, bike sellers will provide one year warrant over the product. You can also find out about the warranty on the official website of the bike manufacturer if necessary.

  • Consider the Bike Price

Since you have a limited budget, you have to consider the bike price you want to purchase. Since you want to buy the best mountain bike under 300, then you have to own at least 300 dollars in your wallet. Well, you can actually find and buy the cheapest one. Still, you need to think twice before buying a too cheap mountain bike because it may have bad quality. But, there is always a way to get the cheap best mountain bike under 300 from a closeout program. Closeout mountain bikes always give you the best prices with some special discount. Thus, you can contact the seller or you can find it on the internet about the best deal mountain bikes for you.

Finally, that’s all you need to know about the best mountain bike under 300. It is always possible to buy a cheap mountain bike under 300. But, there are a lot of things to consider before buying this bike. It is very important to select the bike type, choose the best bike shop, check the specification, and even the product warranty.

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