Best Beginner Road Bike Under 500 Dollar

best beginner road bike under 500

Some people spend their weekends escaping the city life with their road bike on the open road while some spent it for fitness or some doing daily life chores in the neighborhood on their road bikes. No matter what way you use your bikes, but getting the one according to your budget and some quality features can be really challenging. Now people may assume that the best beginner road bike under 500 may use inferior components or cheap or hardly worth buying. Though there are certain best entry-level road bikes which have some quality features and are in your price range.

What are the Benefits of Road Bikes?

Road bikes take you from hard, paved surfaces very smoothly. You can travel in decent speed no matter where you want to go as it is a single speed road bike. It is a quick getaway from intersections as well as low-cost. You can save a lot of time from not jamming in traffic, you can save money from gas. The best beginner road bike under 500 are bigger and easier. Also, the best entry-level road bikes are a quick way to commute through different places.

What’s the best way to use road bikes?

You can use the best road bike under 500 in whatever way you may like. You can go to long-distance for commuting. Whether you want to go for a long ride to the country side or, for work, racing, leisure time and you can do it for fitness.

Going off-road on a road bike is not recommended as going on the terrain land will destroy your investments. For this purpose, you can use the electric off-road bike.

Features to Consider When Choosing a best beginner road bike under 500 Dollars

People often consider low budget bikes as cheap bikes. Buy they may contain quality features within the range of your budget. Here are some features enlisted.

No matter what kind of bike you are searching for rim brakes or disc brakes, drop-bar or flat-bar, multiple gears or fixed gears, these all features will be provided in a beginner road bike under 500.


The quality featured bike should have a quality frame and should be lightweight. The best entry-level road bikes under 500 have weight in between 20-30 lbs. Though the road bikes with higher price have weight less than 20 lbs which makes it strong and sufficient. There is basically four types of materials used for the best beginner road bike under 500 which have different qualities and hold importance.

  • Aluminum. The aluminum alloy frame comes in the higher preferences for professional models. The reason for its popular choice is its corrosion, lightweight and crack resistance. Though the density of the aluminum frames changes with the suitable price. For example, 7005 aluminum is used for frames which are not so much costly. They are denser and heavier.
  • Carbon. Lightweight carbon frames give extra durability which makes it a preference for high-end bikes. These frames are basically manufactured using different layers of carbon and comes in the range below 500.
  • Steel. It is considered to be one of the most durable frames. It can be used for bikes which are used in mountains and have to go through windy hills and steep terrains. High carbon steel makes heavy frames for the bike though lightweight steel alloy is more efficient, which costs a fortune.
  • Titanium. Titanium is one of the most important material as well. It consists of the features of all three frames. It is an ideal frame for road bikes. Though the prices are beyond 500$ for this frame.

In this price range aluminum frame is suggested a lot.

Tires and Rims

The tires and rims of the road bikes distinguished greatly in features. In contrast to other bikes, such as electric mountain bikes, the tires and rims of road bikes are thinner and. The advantages that thinner tires provide are a reduction in friction and greater aerodynamics. This way bike remains lightweight and can be handled easily with quick acceleration.

Though the tires are thin the rims have to be double, so in most of the best beginner road bike under 500 double-wall steel alloy rims are used. The road bikes under 500$ can be found with the diameter of 26” to 29” and wide rims 23mm to 28mm.

Brake Systems

The most common brake systems which are used in road bikes are caliper, V brakes or rim. They are all essentially the same thing. Brake systems can be of two types. Either hydraulic or mechanical. Hydraulic brakes are not widely used in common road bike. Breaking system used under 500$ is V breaks which are operated mechanically.

Gearing system

Gearing system of a road bike is important as the ratio of gear systems of a road bike can be really complicated. Nowadays, the trend which is common for gear system in road bikes is 21 or 24 speed. These systems consist of three sprockets on crankset and eight sprockets on cassette.

Precautions for using Road Bikes

Road bikes are also able to produce significant speed. And on a road, it comes with the traffic of trucks and motorbikes. For this purpose, certain precautions should be taken, necessarily.

Here is the following material you should definitely keep with you at all times.

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Mirrors
  • Reflectors
  • Lights
  • Properly inflated tires.

These are the basic tools for safety precautions.

Follow Traffic Rules

 The one and important part regarding any way of commuting is obeying the traffic rules. It is taken as safety measures as well, for being safe at all times follow the traffic rules of your country at all cost. There is a state-by-state lift of traffic laws provided by the league of American bicyclist. If the signal lights are red you should totally stop. You should not over speed. You should not do anything which can harm you and others as well. As traffic accidents can be really ugly.

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